A coffee table

The A Collection

A minimalistic and elegant coffee table with an extraordinary surface. A classic piece with an unexpected expression. Every surface is handmade, which makes every surface unique.


Weight: 20kg
Length: 80cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 40cm


Powder coated steel, brass, iron top with laquer

Delivery time

6-8 weeks


18.000 DKK

The A collection consists of a series of tables and a drinks cabinet. The main theme in this collection is the surface, which is a self developed formula. The formula is painted on metal plates by hand which makes every piece unique. Only the imagination controls the possibilities with this surface treatment.

The A collection comes in two colour variations, blue and earth(brown), but the technique allows the use of many different colours. This collection is a comment to mass production, to show the value of handcrafted furniture and to show that minimalistic furniture can contain artistic elements. All handcrafted in Denmark. It’s possible to choose your own dimensions and the price depends on the size. Please write an email with your wishes.

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